Accelerating performance & service improvement

Working with Training Bulletin, Amnis – the quality, innovation and productivity organisation – is helping to raise the skills of healthcare organisations by running a short series of training programmes for Training Bulletin subscribers.

In particular, the collaboration between Amnis and the Training Bulletin should enable healthcare organisations to improve their ability to deliver the challenging productivity, quality and performance improvements that they will face in 2010/11. It should also help them to enhance their ability to deliver projects on time and within budget.

Amnis is running four training programmes in the series including two iterations of each of its Accelerated Lean Skills Programme and People Based Project Management programmes.

Approved by the Institute of Healthcare Management (IHM), Amnis’ Accelerated Lean Skills Programme provides participants with the skills to enable them to manage successful Lean and Service Improvement projects that don’t just deliver real benefits but also ensure those benefits stick.

Amnis’ Mark Eaton said: “The Accelerated Lean Skills Programme is a flagship training programme for those working in demanding healthcare environments. It gives them the skills and the confidence to tackle their first projects – or to get more out of future projects if they are already engaged in improvement programmes.”

The second programme, People Based Project Management, aims to give participants the skills to manage the real issues faced in projects, from building flexible plans to managing people and change.

Jim Byers, Amnis’ lead for the programme said: “The People Based Project Management programme is often used as a life saver for those who have done programmes, such as PRINCE2, and who still struggle to manage projects successfully. However, it is equally useful for those who have not had formal training previously.”

Sian Parrott, from Training Bulletin, said: “We’re delighted to be working with Amnis on this programme. The programmes are both exciting and beneficial and we believe they will make a real difference to healthcare organisations.”

The dates for these courses are:

  • 2nd-4th February 2010 – Accelerated Lean Skills Programme

  • 2nd-4th March 2010 – People Based Project Management

  • 13th-15th April 2010 – Accelerated Lean Skills Programme

  • 27th-29th April 2010 – People Based Project Management




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