New e-learning buyers guide published

A new guide to buying e-learning services has just been published by the e-learning list, the leading market place for sourcing e-learning services and solutions.

The technology of e-learning has become much more accessible in the last few years, especially becoming cheaper and easier to implement.

There is a wealth of choice in terms of solutions and service providers that will fit the needs and budgets of almost any organisation.

Which is where the difficulty often begins. How does someone find the right suppliers, make sure they understand and can meet requirements?

The new six-step guide is designed to help companies get their e-learning project off to a good start by giving some simple advice on finding and engaging with the right suppliers to meet their needs.

“Both customers and suppliers often find the process a difficult one,” said the guide’s author Richard Beaumont of Enriched Learning Services.

“Customers need to make sure they understand what the market has to offer, to ensure they get the service that best meets their requirements. This means research, talking to suppliers informally, and building up trust before going through formal procurement processes.”

Keeping the process as simple as possible reduces suppliers’ costs of sale which helps to reduce the cost of their services, and this benefits everybody in the long term.”

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