New Europeans offer well of cheap talent

labour is the new member states’ biggest contribution to the European Union,
according to a survey carried out among Czechs, Hungarians, Poles and Slovaks.

by the Central European Opinion Research Group, showed that 50 per cent of
respondents in the Czech Republic, and 55 per cent in Hungary and Poland
consider a cheap labour force to be their country’s biggest contribution to the

Slovaks pointed to industriousness and hard work as their main contribution to
the EU (47 per cent), closely followed by a cheap labour force (46 per cent).

third of Poles think their tradition, moral values and religion can also
benefit Europe, while Czechs offer tourist attractions and good vacations (44
per cent), and an open market for Western products (31 per cent).

think their culture and art (36 per cent) and hard work (34 per cent) will
contribute to the EU, while the Slovaks are proud to offer their well-educated
society and creativity and cleverness (30 per cent).

By Mike Berry

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