New insurance policies could promote health and safety

research by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) suggests that insurance
arrangements may promote better health and safety policies at UK firms.

Peter Graham, director of HSE’s strategy and analytical support directorate
said the findings paved the way to exploring new options: "Insurance can
be an important lever in motivating employers to practice good health and
safety. The UK can learn much from systems operated in other countries and the
initial reaction to the research shows there is a willingness from both
employers and insurance firms."

the current system employees have liability insurance or industrial injuries
disablement benefit but there is little evidence that either system encourages
firms to improve safety.

new research, Revitalising Health and Safety, claims that insurance has a key
role to play in improving safety and the HSE is now seeking the opinion of
industry, business, trade unions and the Government.

By Ross Wigham

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