New online tool assesses recruitment and induction processes

A new online diagnostic tool which measures the effectiveness of an organisation’s recruitment and induction processes, and identifies the drivers that affect whether ‘new starters’ will stay or leave, has been launched today by TalentDrain, the employee engagement and retention specialist.

Called OnBoarder, the 15-minute questionnaire collects feedback from employees in their first 12 months on their satisfaction with each stage of the recruitment process, including aspects such as the information they received, the application form and their interviews as well as their induction process.

It assesses people’s early experiences of working in the organisation and it creates an ‘engagement profile’ of new starters, showing percentage figures for those who want to progress their career, those ‘at risk’ who are undecided about whether to stay and those who are already planning to leave.

“OnBoarder gives you a valuable insight into what you’re doing well but also where you need to focus your interventions to prevent staff from leaving in their first year,” said Ron Eldridge, Director of TalentDrain. “The results can help you to improve your recruitment and induction processes and to reduce the time taken to make new starters engaged and productive.”

The questionnaire identifies the retention drivers which encourage people to stay and the attrition factors which cause employees to consider leaving.

It also provides feedback on which elements of the employment proposition were attractive and whether the organisation is failing to meet any pre-joining expectations.

“We can help you to understand how closely people’s expectations of the job and the organisation are being matched by the day-to-day reality,” said Ron Eldridge. “You can therefore assess whether your recruitment advertising, careers website or recruitment agencies are truly reflecting the experience of working for your organisation.”

TalentDrain provides a detailed analysis report on the results, containing hints and tips for improvement.

“You may find that your current recruitment process is more suited to certain types of employee, which may or may not be a problem.” said Ron Eldridge. “However, if you have dissatisfied employees, they must be a high priority as they are unlikely to be fully effective. If nothing is done to address their dissatisfaction, they’re likely to resign.”

TalentDrain can break the new starter results down by department, function, job role, location or by demographic factors such as gender, age or ethnicity.

Use of the OnBoarder questionnaire is charged at £8.00 per person, after a nominal set-up and analysis report fee. The optional ‘breakdown’ reports are charged separately.

TalentDrain, whose clients include English Heritage, Ernst & Young, the Financial Services Authority, Kent County Council and Unilever, provides online tools and resources that enable organisations to diagnose the causes of attrition and enhance employee commitment.

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