New training scheme aims to attract graduates to public sector

Employers Organisation for Local Government is consulting with local
authorities about the first ever national post-graduate development programme
for the sector.

aim of the programme is to increase the percentage of new graduates into local
government – currently only 6 per cent of local government employees are under
the age of 25.

scheme, which is likely to start next September, will train 50 graduates every
two years in transferable local government skills.

EOfLG will develop the programme, manage the recruitment and selection process
and fund the postgraduate qualification.

authorities will employ the graduates in their work experience placements over
the two-year course.

believe that participation in the programme will provide authorities with
access to a high-calibre resource that would not be available to one authority
acting alone and will deliver savings through involvement in a national
registered programme," said Mick James, deputy head of people, skills and
development at the EOfLG.

addition we believe that the programme will contribute significantly to raising
the profile of local government as an employer and will have associated local
recruitment benefits."   

By Paul Nelson

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