New video-based learning programme from the makers of FISH! available

A new video-based learning programme from the makers of FISH!, the world’s best selling training film, is now available in the UK, exclusively from Video Arts.

Called It’s a Way, Not a Day, the new programme shows how organisations can live their values with more consistency and commitment. It introduces a three-step process that can bring an organisation’s values to life and increase accountability, trust and engagement.

The programme is a video case study showing how employees in a specialist paediatric hospital have created an inspiring work environment, which has resulted in 98% customer satisfaction and 97% employee retention. It can be used to support any customer service, organisational development, teamwork, induction, communication, quality or change initiatives.

“Our principles and beliefs guide our thoughts and actions, so what you value will show in everything you do,” said Martin Addison, Managing Director of Video Arts. “This is a poignant and uplifting film which shows how adopting a shared set of values has enabled employees in this organisation to achieve their goals. It’s not about what your values should be, it’s about a process for keeping the values you have alive in the hearts and minds of your staff.”

The three steps, identified in the film – to help organisations to consistently live their values – are:

  • Proclaim it: Tell people what they can expect from you and commit to those behaviours. When you tell people what you stand for, they expect it from you – and you expect it from yourself.

  • Live it: Put your commitments into action and ensure your behaviour is consistent with your intentions.

  • Celebrate it: Recognise each other for living the shared values. Look for chances to thank people for their contribution. When people feel appreciated and acknowledged, they’re more likely to be engaged in their work.

“These steps can help employees to live their values with more commitment,” said Martin Addison. “By adopting this approach, employees will know what to expect from each other, increasing trust and accountability, and they’ll also feel appreciated, increasing their loyalty and motivation.”

It’s a Way, Not a Day is a 22-minute film, available online for streaming or as a DVD. Licences start from £499. It comes with a Leader’s Guide and a customisable PowerPoint presentation.

Produced by ChartHouse Learning, which created the FISH! workplace philosophy, it is a separate but complementary resource to the FISH! series.

FISH! is a training film created in 1998 which shows how the fishmongers at Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle bring energy, commitment and fun to their work. The film has been translated into 17 languages and is now an established resource for motivation, engagement, innovation and ‘culture change’ training. Video Arts is the exclusive distributor of all FISH! resources in the UK.

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