News in brief

Back-office merger

The government aims to improve efficiency by merging Whitehall back-office functions such as HR. A cross-party team, led by David Myers, former chief information officer for the Department of Food and Rural Affairs, will promote the shared services initiative. Savings will be used for front-line services.

Police are ‘not thick’

The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) has dismissed claims that poor standards of education among recruits means many officers are incompetent. Acpo said the report, from right-leaning think-tank Politeia, was “behind the times”.


Last week, we reported that Imperial College had lost a constructive dismissal case at the employment tribunal against Sime, a former employee, after she inadvertently read negative confidential information about her. The college was, in fact, cleared by the tribunal, which said the breach of trust was not fundamental and, therefore, did not amount to constructive dismissal. The Employment Appeal Tribunal said there may have been a breach and sent the case back. However, Sime withdrew her claim before it could be heard again.


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