News in brief

£12m equality payout

Thousands of women at Newcastle City Council are to receive a share of more than £12m in an equal pay deal. The payout will benefit 2,800 workers, such as cleaners and care-at-home staff, who will receive average payments of £3,931 – although some will get £13,000. The agreement was reached after five months of talks between the council and its unions.


Suspension pitfalls

Forcing parents to stay at home to supervise their suspended or expelled child, as proposed by Tony Blair last week, could have wide ramifications for employers. With 344,000 pupil suspensions every year – each averaging four days – many employers would struggle if staff were absent and might have to dismiss the parent concerned, said Tim Thomas, associate at law firm Cobbetts.


Disability law training

Three senior managers at Virgin Cross Country Trains have been ordered to attend disability rights law training by an employment tribunal after the firm failed to make reasonable adjustments to enable a train driver to return to light duties after a knee operation.


Strategy waste

As many as 40% of strategy workshops achieve little or nothing, research has revealed. A survey of 1,300 managers by the Chartered Management Institute and the Advanced Institute for Management Research showed that while almost 80% of UK organisations host workshops, 40% suggest they have no clear-cut impact on productivity and profitability.



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