NHS launches involvement pack to raise standards of healthcare

The NHS is launching a ‘staff involvement resource pack’ after studies
proved that employee input into decision-making improves patient care.

The pack, developed by the NHS HR directorate in partnership with NHS
stakeholders, outlines the benefits of employee involvement, along with methods
of developing staff participation.

Andrew Foster, director of HR at the NHS, said research shows there is a
significant relationship between staff who have a part to play in workplace
decisions, and lower standards of patient mortality.

"Staff who feel their voice is heard deliver improved standards of care
as they become more emotionally engaged and committed to their role," said
Foster. "The best NHS organisations have the confidence to devolve power
to those on the ground and truly involve their staff.

"The releasing of talent leads to the development of effective teams,
from all sections of the workforce, that can contribute to the redesign of
patient services and the improvement of patient care."

Foster said the NHS is changing and improving, but he would now like to see
a partnership culture develop that involves employees to ensure the patient
comes first.

The pack will be distributed to all chief executives and HR managers across
the UK, and is also available on the web.


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