NHS targets teenagers with launch of new careers website

The NHS is targeting teenagers with the launch of a new careers website this week.

Stepintothenhs.nhs.uk is designed to inform 14-19 year olds about the breadth of jobs in the NHS – anything from clinical psychologists or paediatric nurses to electricians and dietitians.

It also wants young people to think about ways in which their talents and skills could have a positive impact on the future of the NHS.

The NHS is increasingly competing with other large employers for new recruits. The new website marks the first time it has produced a service aimed specifically at engaging young people.

Foluke Ajayi, head of NHS Careers, the information service for careers in the health service, said: “When the original NHS Careers service launched in 1999, the focus was on increasing the numbers of people entering nurse training.

“But we are working in a very different environment today, and we’re in tough competition with other large employers. Step into the NHS is not about filling training places or vacancies now; instead we are focusing on maintaining the quality and quantity of the NHS workforce far into the future.”

The site also includes an interactive ‘career mapper’, to find out which specific careers would suit their individual skills the best, and short films featuring real NHS staff.

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