‘Nice colleagues’ tops list of important job factors

nice people to work with is just as important as job security and money when it
comes to choosing a future employer, research finds.

new survey from recruitment and HR consultants Eden Brown reveals that around
85 per cent of both men and women report these three issues are
"very" or "fairly" important factors to consider when
choosing a job.

half of the 770 staff polled cite "training and development",
"equality of opportunity" or "career opportunities" as
being very important to them.

Brown’s sixth employee attitudes survey, conducted by MORI, claims that many
preconceptions about HR and personnel departments are wrong when it comes to
understanding the way people view their work.

are more likely to value having nice people to work with, equality of
opportunity and comfortable working conditions. Practical considerations such
as location and public transport are also more important to women, as is
whether or not the organisation has family-friendly policies and contributes to
the community and environment.

contrast, men are more likely to value money, training and development and
career opportunities.

the belief of many HR departments, location is far down the list of important
considerations for men, with 63 per cent believing it to be important.

terms of benefits packages, just over seven in 10 men and women believe a
pension plan or paid overtime is important.

By Ben Willmott

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