Nine out of 10 workers feel stressed

Nine out of 10 workers feel stressed and 70 per cent say their work has made
them feel ill, according to a study.

More than half of the 306 people polled by the Work Life Balance Centre and
Keele University said they enjoyed the challenges of their job, with women
being slightly more positive than men. The 90 per cent who said they felt
stressed said most of it was caused by work, although 25 per cent – and
particularly women – said work and home were equally stressful.

Where workers felt they had been made ill by their work, the most common
symptoms were irritability, fatigue, a lack of concentration and sleeplessness.
Just over half – 56 per cent – sought help for any illness.

Although 43 per cent said they went to work even when they felt ill, one in
five admitted pretending to be ill to take a day off.

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