No more dressing downs for failing to wear a suit

Dress-down days are more popular than ever, with the number of firms accepting casual dress codes almost trebling in the past four years, according to a new report.

A survey of 256 firms by the London Chamber of Commerce (LCC) found the majority (58 per cent) said their policy was to permit casual dress on Fridays. Four years ago, only one in five allowed staff to dress down.

Only 35 per cent of firms now insist on formal wear on the last day of the working week and 40 per cent said they would not think less of a candidate who did not wear a suit to a job interview.

“These results show just how rapidly attitudes towards office dress codes are liberalising,”
said Colin Stanbridge, chief executive of the LCC.

“The suit and tie is becoming an increasingly rare sight on Fridays. Who is to say that in a few years’ time it won’t become extinct?” he said.

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