NTL goes online to train staff in data protection

Communications company NTL has cut costs dramatically in training staff on
data protection through an innovative online learning programme.

NTL wanted to reduce the number of breaches of the Data Protection Act in
the company, which came into force in March 2000.

It cost £25,000 to develop and implement, and took staff one-and-a-half
hours to complete. Instructor-led training would have taken half a day and cost
an estimated £800,000, claimed training consultant David Perring.

All 20,000 staff spread over 1,000 sites have been obliged to take the test
and had to attain a pass mark of 59 per cent. It has been a success with a 98
per cent reduction in unauthorised rel-eases of personal data, according to

Speaking at the e-learning conference in London last week, Perring said,
"This is the simplest solution you could ever have used. If you can hold a
mouse and click you could do it."

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