Offering that little bit extra makes all the difference

Righttrack Consultancy, a learning and development specialist, has now reached its 21st year and in those 21 years has weathered a number of economic storms.

What is their secret? It seems as simple as always going the extra mile, whilst promoting continual professional development (CPD).
Chris Banting, Righttrack’s International Marketing & Business Development Manager, says, “Many may presume that learning and development providers simply come in, deliver the training and then go. Whilst this may be the approach of some, here at Righttrack building a long-term relationship is key.
The most important element for any development programme is the people so we ensure that not only is the training enjoyable and productive, but that they understand the importance of transferring the learning into their working lives and that development shouldn’t just end once the programme has finished.
Learning is a constant process when considering long-term organisational and individual goals and so encouraging and promoting CPD is an extremely important part of what we do.

CPD should not just be restricted to professional development courses as it should be seen as an ongoing, daily activity.”
It is for this reason that Righttrack has created ‘The Magic of Management’, a collection of 50 top tips written by management specialists to celebrate its 21st birthday.

The tips are designed to encourage positive change by helping people to think about their working routines and make improvements in their day-to-day activities.
Banting says, “The clients who have seen The Magic of Management booklets have been incredibly positive about the choice of subjects and their potential as well as loving the quick and easy emphasis it places on CPD.”
Righttrack believes that by complementing formal development programmes with regular small changes to day-to-day working roles not only addresses particular problems, such as time management or delegation issues, but keeps individuals more receptive and accustomed to personal and organisational improvement as well as creating a strong learning environment.
Learning and development is an increasingly important tool in keeping top talent at organisations; even more so in a recession. Therefore promoting continual professional development shows confidence in the future, which is something every industry needs at the moment.

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