One in five employees is bullied in the workplace

A study of 3,500 UK workers by Mercer Human Resource Consulting found more
than one in five had been bullied at work at least once during the past year.

Almost one in 10 reported bullying on more than one occasion, with 2 per
cent saying they have been bullied five or six times.

The finding comes as a campaign and action pack to stamp out bullying in the
workplace has been launched by trade union Amicus, the Work Foundation, the
Andrea Adams Trust and the journal IRS Employment Review.

The Mercer report found 24 per cent of middle managers and 17 per cent of
senior managers said they had been bullied at least once in the past year.

A study by IRS Employment Review reported bullying and harassment behind 45
per cent of individual grievances launched by employees this year.

The Work Foundation, in turn, found that eight out of 10 organisations now
have a code of conduct on the issue.

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