One in three staff set to leave their jobs in 2008

One in three UK employees expect to move jobs within the next 12 months, and HR managers must improve employee engagement to stand a chance of keeping them.

According to market research company GfK NOP, 17% of staff intend to leave their current jobs at the earliest opportunity, while a further 12% expect to move within a year.

The main causes are dissatisfaction with employers and a lack of manager engagement, with 69% of dissatisfied employees and 64% of staff with disengaged managers ready to leave within the year.

“These results make worrying reading for employers,” said Sukhi Ghataore, associate director at GfK NOP Employee Research. “However, the good news is that often simple methods of engaging and rewarding employees can go a long way to enhancing satisfaction and improving loyalty.”

Research also found that while managers felt they had the requisite skills to deal with their responsibilities, almost half felt they were given neither the time to do so nor the recognition by employers.

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