People strategies made simple with Wright Solutions’ Masterclasses

Wright Solutions, the Midlands leading training and HR recruitment specialists, have added two brand new interactive management workshops to their hugely successful ‘Masterclass’ series.

Launched earlier this year, Wright Solutions’ ground-breaking ‘Masterclass’ events are designed to encourage managers to think differently about their organisations and help them develop innovative solutions to key business challenges.

Developing an Inclusive Workforce:

As the UK’s workforce becomes increasingly diverse, it is essential for businesses to appreciate the benefits that can be derived from harnessing and combining the individual strengths of their employees.

As such this interactive workshop will challenge current perceptions about diversity and equality.

Jon Terry, Operations Director at Wright Solutions explained:

“the demographic picture in Birmingham and throughout the rest of the country is changing rapidly. For businesses to prosper in the future, it is therefore essential that managers are able to unleash the potential within their current and future workforce. This Masterclass will provide the essential first steps in this process and will help managers to attract, develop and retain people who can make a real difference within their organisation”.

Entitled ‘Developing an Inclusive Workforce’, the workshop will be facilitated by Nicola Turner, a vastly experienced HR professional with significant exposure to diversity projects.

Nicola will provide delegates with a clear understanding of how diversity and equality legislation has evolved, the potential barriers to inclusivity and the impact the changing demographic picture may have on their business.

The half day workshop will take place in Birmingham on 24th June.

Creating an Innovative Work Environment: 

Facilitated by renowned motivational writer, speaker and broadcaster Doug Miller, this Masterclass will outline the tools that can be used by managers to create a business environment that encourages innovation and creativity.

The workshop, which also adopts a half day format will summarise the ‘levers’ in creating innovative working environments, the findings of key research into the subject and the ways in which traditional barriers can be removed.

Delegates will also be shown how they can identify the potential challenges and their all important next steps. 

Terry continued:

“with the economy looking increasingly uncertain, businesses could be about to experience pressures that they have not faced for some time. The organisations that succeed when market conditions become tougher are those who effectively engage their employees. Staff who are motivated and committed to their businesses are far more likely to find market leading solutions to key problems, setting them aside from their competitors”.

The workshop will be held on 1st July in Birmingham. Every manager attending will also receive a free copy of Doug Miller’s latest book entitled “Brilliant Idea”.

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