Online ‘action plan’ helps trainees transfer their learning

Academy28, the behavioural assessment provider, has launched an online tool that helps individuals to create and implement an action plan, so they can transfer their learning back to the workplace after an internal or external training programme or e-learning course.

Called Your Action Plan, the tool enables trainees to set goals and to specify the actions and timescales required to achieve these goals.

It keeps them on track using e-mail reminders, which prompt them to report on their progress, and it provides their line manager with real-time summary reports on their goals and actions.

Your Action Plan is a tailored version of a proven action planning tool, used extensively in Europe and North America, that has been developed by US leadership development company Zenger Folkman. It is available in the UK through Academy28.

“Learning transfer is the training industry’s Achilles’ heel,” said Tim Drewitt, Director of Business and Product Development at Academy28.

“Often the expected results from training never materialise because too little emphasis is placed on following up afterwards. This tool improves learning transfer by structuring the follow-up activities so each individual understands what he or she needs to do to maximise the learning experience and make full use of their new skills and knowledge in the workplace.”

Individuals can use Your Action Plan to set their goals before a training event. The goals can then be reviewed by the session facilitator.

The trainees can add, modify or ‘close’ their goals at any time. The resultant progress reports can be used as a basis for face-to-face or telephone coaching support.

“Organisations spend significant sums on training so it makes sense to maximise the value of that investment by ensuring that the learning is effectively transferred,” said Tim Drewitt. “This tool also provides data that helps organisations to evaluate the contribution made by specific training interventions.”

Academy28 is offering a one-page supplementary report, for users of its Your Preferences ‘personal style and behavioural preferences’ assessment, to help them get the most out of Your Action Plan.

The report provides customised information and advice on their stated behavioural type, showing how their natural inclinations around how they think and behave in various situations impacts on their goal setting and action plan implementation.

“People with different learning preferences will react differently to the goal setting and action planning process,” said Tim Drewitt.

“It is important to understand what ‘type’ of learner you are. Organisations can now use technology to provide this insight and to help individuals to achieve their stated goals and reach their full potential.”

Accessible via a web browser, Academy28’s Your Action Plan is hosted on a secure server, which means there is no software to be installed and no internal IT support is required.

Price plans for the tool are available for training and work groups of all sizes, starting at £70 per person.

Academy28’s consultants can provide ‘virtual coaching’ to trainees and/or coaching support to help trainers use Your Action Plan.

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