Online Prosecution College launched for CPS lawyers

An innovative e-learning portal has been designed to educate new lawyers in the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

The Prosecution College has been created by Futuremedia. It won a two-year contract to develop customised e-learning courses for the Learning and Development arm of the CPS.

A phased introduction of programmes into the online college’s e-learning curriculum has already started, which include Equality and Diversity, No Witness, No Justice, Proceeds of Crime and Caseworker Induction.

“We are committed to providing our members of staff with the best tools possible to perform their valuable public service,” said Shelagh O’Leary of the CPS. “Following the success of the Lawyers Induction Modules, [the organisation] is now in a position to increase the availability of CPS-specific e-learning for its staff.”

Leonard Fertig, CEO of Futuremedia, said the college is another example of e-learning’s increasing usefulness in the CPS and the legal profession in general.

“With 7,500 staff, including 2,500 lawyers, the CPS deals with more than 1.3 million cases annually,” he said. “We are helping the organisation to service British society more effectively by harnessing state-of-the-art techniques to ensure that its staff are at the forefront of legal practice and knowledge.

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