Online training programme prepares students for work

An online training programme which aims to prepare young people for work is launched this week. The Ready for Work initiative will be free to students in full-time education.

It comprises 12 courses, including showing respect to colleagues and health and safety. A test at the end of the course will check understanding. Achieving 80% will qualify the student for an optional Ready for Work certificate from a recognised awarding body.

Industry is likely to welcome the initiative, said CBI director general Digby Jones. “There is often a mismatch between the needs of employers and the qualifications that young people take with them into the workplace,” he said.

“We need more employable young people understanding the world of work, trained in the most relevant areas and able to add value to their employer. The Ready for Work programme will help to bridge this gap.”

The programme has been developed by The Training Foundation, which has recently been awarded the Queen’s Award for Innovation.

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