Operating and Financial Reviews Petition

I believe that the draft regulations on Operating and Financial Reviews (OFRs) should be amended to require that all OFRs should include balanced information about how a company manages its staff and provide evidence indicating the capacity of employees to deliver business results now and in the future.

1. Sharon Adair, Manager, HR, Training & Development [Rail sector]
2. Fiona Ballie, HR Manager [IT sector]
3. Bozena  Benton, Head Of HR [Construction sector]
4. Jon Chipperton, Managing Director [People Strategy Consultancy sector]
5. Andy Craig, HR Manager [Corporate Services sector]
6. A Duque, HR specialist [Energy sector]
7. William Kerr, HR Manager [Engineering sector]
8. Brian W Nichols, Interim HR Manager [Manufacturing sector]
9. Ann Rivera, Director of O.D [General housing  sector]
10. Delphina Johnson`, HR Consultant [Higher Education sector]
11. Steve Holliday, HR Director [Charitable Sector sector]
12. Sharon De Mascia, HR Manager [National Government sector]
13. helen Green, Senior Personnel Officer [Public service sector]
14. Catherine Thornton, HR Manager/H&S Adviser [manufacturing sector]
15. Kevin fisher, Group HR Director [Financial Services sector]
16. Marion morgan, HR Manager [manufacturing sector]
17. peter Tatham, Deputy Head of HR [Transport sector]
18. Richard davies, director [Business management & training consultancy sector]
19. Alfred hammond, training manager [Travel/Tourism sector]
20. cheryl Barker, Personnel & Training Officer [manufacturing sector]
21. Ruth Pryor, HR Manager [Wholesale sector]
22. Richard Underwood, Senior Lecturer [Higher Education sector]
23. Julie Hill, HR Partner [Financial Services sector]
24. Graham Brown, Head of People Support Services [Charity sector]
25. Elizabeth Simpson, Central Services Manager [education sector]
26. Susan Milner, HR Business Partner [Financial Services sector]
27. helen wright, Director of Human Resources [education sector]
28. Jacqui mcdonald, HR Director [Pharmaceuticals sector]
29. Pauline Buckley, Human Resources Project Manager [Distribution sector]
30. John Long, Support Services Manager [Aviation & Facilities Management sector]
31. Richard Brough, Directotr [Ports & Logistics sector]
32. Anne Skelly, Head of Personnel Services [Roads maintenance and construction sector]
33. Stewart kearney, Head of Employee Research and Measurement [telecommunications sector]
34. dianne Murray, Training & Personnel Manager [Travel sector]
35. Vidette howells, Group Personnel Officer [Transport sector]
36. judy Leslie-Carter, Learning & Development Consultant [Finance sector]
37. Carol Fletcher, HR Manager – Operations [Food Manufacturer / private sector sector]
38. David Rogers, Human Resources Manager [manufacturing sector]
39. Rachel morris, Human Resources Manager [IT sector]
40. malcolm Robbins, Director H&S Europe [manufacturing sector]
41. Yemisi Oluyede, Project Manager – Agenda for Change [Health sector]
42. Alison Harrison, Human Resources Manager [Business Services sector]
43. christine de Caux, Senior HR Adviser [Project Services sector]
44. Olivia Hughes, HR Manager [Advisory Service for Art, Antiques & Collectables sector]
45. Janine Sparks, Head of Reward [Financial Services sector]
46. Greg Farn, Personnel Officer [Local Government sector]
47. Tanja Letica Wootton, Marketing Manager [IT sector]
48. Sandra McShane, HR Manager [NHS sector]
49. Niel Cope, hr project manager [Public Sector sector]
50. Richard East, HR Consultant [Consultancy/utilities sector]
51. Janice Okuns, HR Manager [Solicitors sector]
52. David Kirkbright, Managing Director [Training & development sector]
53. Linda Hunt, Personnel Manager [manufacturing sector]
54. Karen Smith, Human Resources Officer [Food Manufacturing sector]
55. paul jordan, Operations & HR Director [Beds & furniture sector]
56. annie Watts, Head of Organisational Development [Heritage Sector sector]
57. Rose woolstencroft, HR Manager [Food Manufacturing sector]
58. Sheena McLullich, Head of HR [Financial Services sector]
59. Gill Tanner, Tutor [HR Education sector]
60. John Downey, Head Of Human Resources [Technological Consultancy sector]
61. Roy Wilkinson, H R Manager [Printing sector]
62. Hal Peel, Consultant [Recruitment sector]
63. Jane Barker, Head Of Human Resources [Financial Services sector]
64. Jacqui BOWCOCK, HR Advisor [Manufacturing/Shipbuilding sector]
65. Janice Book, Human Resources Manager [Hospitality sector]
66. Jo Graver, HR Manager [IT sector]
67. Jane Byrne, HR Director [manufacturing sector]
68. David Millner, Director of Consultancy [Professional Services sector]
69. Alexandra Blackburn, PA/Training & Development Co-Ordinator [Chemical Manufacture sector]
70. Christopher bowen, Personnel & Training [Construction sector]
71. Anne thorne, Head of HR [Professional Services sector]
72. paul Adams, HR Consultant [High Technology sector]
73. frank BESNIER, Recruitment Co-Ordinator [Catering / Hospitality sector]
74. Kirsty wright, HR Business Partner [Technology sector]
75. John Wilson, Personnel Manager [education sector]
76. ANNETTE Dalchow, Head of Personnel, Finance & Admin [Trade Union sector]
77. Louise Shaw, Lead Staffing Partner [Pharmaceuticals sector]
78. Margaret Young, HR Manager [IT Finance sector]
79. George Carr, UK Head of Human Resources [manufacturing sector]
80. Janet Westley, Human Resource Manager [Housing sector]
81. Jackie Lamb, HR Director [Publishing sector]
82. Doone Selbie, Partner [HR Consultancy sector]
83. Gwen Kates, Payroll/ HR Manager [Hospitality sector]
84. Michelle Jones, Central Services Manager [Charity Sector sector]
85. adam Baker, Head of HR Operations [Leisure sector]
86. Robert McCulloch, Mr [Central Government sector]
87. Lynda Godbold, HR Officer [manufacturing sector]
88. Nicole Gabriel, ER Project Manager (Contract) [Financial Services sector]
89. jenni Shaw, PA to Directors [Consutling Engineers/Security Advisors sector]
90. Nicki Parker, HR/Project Manager [Contracted security services sector]
91. colin mckerrell, REgional training Officer [Express Delivery sector]
92. Pauline Tarrant, Personnel Officer [Pharmaceuticals sector]
93. Susan Taylor, Operations Manager [Telecoms sector]
94. Angela sinfield, HR Manager [Software sector]
95. Ingrid Theilmann, Plant Administrator [Electricity Generator sector]
96. Simon Spindler, director [consultancy sector]
97. Viv Cole, director [Training sector]
98. Emma Soper, Personnel Officer [Charity sector]
99. hugh Billot, HR Director [Business Services sector]
100. Belinda Kent-Lemon, director [consultancy sector]
101. David Barker, HR Manager [Retail/Wholesale sector]
102. Zoe Shackle, HR Manager [insurance sector]
103. Anni Hollings, Principal Lecturere [education sector]
104. Mike Darling-Holmes, training manager [Healthcare sector]
105. John Ludike, HR [Banking, Financial Services sector]
106. David Albone, Corporate Services Manager [Not for Profit sector]
107. Sue james, Strategic Communications Manager [Public Sector sector]
108. Julie Barrow, HR Manager [Furniture Manufacturing sector]
109. Steve johnstone, managing consultant [Professional Services sector]
110. claire Frohnsdorff, group personnel manager [electronics manufacturer sector]
111. hoda Lacey, Proprietor/manager [Performance Management sector]
112. Suzanne FRETWELL, HR Officer [manufacturing sector]
113. Brenda Roberts, Director of Administration [Law Firm sector]
114. Clare Whight, director [Specialist Tour Operator sector]
115. joanna Wileman, HR Manager [Public Sector sector]
116. Debbie Carr, HR Manager [Distribution sector]
117. Linda batt-rawden, Managing Director [marketing sector]
118. Denis Barnard, director [Consultany and Business Services sector]
119. Simon morgan, Head of HR and Development [Vocational qualifications sector]
120. Gillian Sullivan, HR Manager [Tour Operator sector]
121. Maureen Wiliams, H R Manager [Charity sector]
122. Alfred salami, INCLUSION OFFICER [Local Government sector]
123. Fiona Ouertani, Director of Human Resources [Charity/Healthcare/Disability sector]
124. Russell hammond, HR Manager [manufacturing sector]
125. Catriona Heathcock, HR Manager [Engineering/manufacturing sector]
126. Julie pierce, Head Of Human Resources [Chemical Analysis sector]
127. Tina Law, HR Operations Manager [Housing sector]
128. Suzanne Middleton, Head of Staff Resources [Higher Education sector]
129. Deborah Harouma, HR Officer [Housing sector]
130. Andy Benzie, Manager,Customer Response [Retail sector]
131. Carol Martin, Commercial HR Manager [Recruitment sector]
132. Nic Carter, managing consultant [professional sector]
133. mollie Prescott, Director – Personnel [Timber & Builders Merchanting sector]
134. Sheila Diete-Spiff, Senior HR Advisor [Not-for-profit sector]
135. Steve Edgeworth, director [Business and Management consultancy sector]
136. Johanna Eloi, Director of HR [Higher Education sector]
137. Nkem Ogidi, HR Officer [Care Services sector]
138. kelly Brennan, HR Officer [public sector / health sector]
139. helen Wells, Communication and Development Manager [Employer Organisation sector]
140. Robert Purse, Interim HR Projects Manager [Aviation sector]
141. Derian Keyms, Managing Director [Business Services sector]
142. Tina Priestman, Administrator [Higher Education sector]
143. Gavin cooke, HR Adviser [Local Government sector]
144. Karen Arch, HR Consultant [insurance sector]
145. Debora Cangiano, senior hr officer [Services sector]
146. Barbara Lowe, HR Systems Consultant [Services/Consultancy sector]
147. Ann White, HR Administrator [Retail sector]
148. Julie Chambers, HR Manager [Engineering sector]
149. Pauline whiteman, Human Resources Manager [Distribution sector]
150. Nikki Hunt, Staff Develeopment & Safety Manager [Leisure sector]
151. Andrew Brown, Human Resources Director [Manuafacturing sector]
152. Alan Buckley, General Manager [Chem/petrochem & allied trades sector]
153. Sharon Ward, HR Manager [Sales & Distribution sector]
154. Genevieve Glover, HR Director [Corporate Health Management sector]
155. Barbara Hunt, H.R. Manager [Design and Manufacturing sector]
156. Ruth O’Brien, Principal Human Resources Officer [Local Government sector]
157. Bruce Meredeen, Human Resources Manager [Charity sector]
158. DAVE winkler, Personnel Manager – Operations [Retail sector]
159. Julie Hall, director [Consulting sector]
160. Stephen Moir, Head Of Human Resources [Public Sector sector]
161. Charmyn Hall, Head of HR [Private sector]
162. neil henderson, Assistant HR Director [Higher Education sector]
163. Andy Edelsten, group personnel manager [Health and Fitness sector]
164. Angela Jeffries, Personnel Manager [Construction and Rail sector]
165. Mavis Jones, HR Delivery Unit Manager [Not for Profit sector]
166. Yvonne Payne, director [Consulting sector]
167. Tim Edwards, Managing Director [People Consultancy and Training Provider sector]
168. Amy Cluley, HR Administrator [consultancy sector]
169. claire Beveridge, Head of HR [Charity sector]
170. Carole Spencer, Personnel and Training Officer [Manufacture/Retail/Wholesale sector]
171. Elliot Seymour, Human Resources Business Partner [Ex Government Agency sector]
172. Shane O’Toole, HR Consultant [general sector]
173. Karen Turnbull, Training & HR Manager [Charity sector]
174. Tim Yeowell, Business & Enterprise Officer [education sector]
175. Sue Harris, Compensation & Benefits Manager [Care & Education sector]
176. Barbara tattersall, Personnel Manager [Construction/private sector]
177. Melinda Jacobs, Finance & HR Manager [manufacturing sector]
178. Anne Smith, Head of HR [Agricultural sector]
179. Jo Anne Brown, Just Fight On! [Not for Profit sector]
180. Michaela McGoldrick, HR Consultant [Cosnultancy and services sector]
181. christine Burton, PA to the Director/HR Officer [Volunantary sector – charity sector]
182. Martin Cheyne, Solicitor [legal sector]
183. Karen Bunn, HR Advisor [Construction sector]
184. Leahann Failey, PA/Office Manager [Regeneration sector]
185. Sam cooke, HR Manager [manufacturing sector]
186. Mike Delpeache, Human Resource Manager [Transport Hospitality sector]
187. Greg Canning, Head of HR [local governemnt sector]
188. Susan Schoormans, Managing Director [HR Consultancy sector]
189. Caroline Beyer, HR Officer [Local Government sector]
190. Michael crowe, Senior HC Consultant [Professional Services sector]
191. Simon Ralton, HR Business Consultant [insurance sector]
192. Thomas Kissock, Human Resources Manager [Transport sector]
193. Louise Denyer, Workforce Planning Officer [Local Government sector]
194. Georgina Burrell, HR Advisor [Medical Devices/Manufacturing sector]
195. Suzanne Millard, HR Manager [Care Sector sector]
196. Keith Lawson, Training and Development Officer [Charitable and Voluntary sector]
197. Doug Hall, Head of HR [Further Education sector]
198. Brian Newman, Human Resources Consultant [Leisure sector]
199. Russell Slack, DIRECTOR / CONSULTANT [general sector]
200. Denis Lenihan, Records & Information Officer [Industrial Relations/Research sector]
201. Lauren Dwyer, Executive Assistant [Water Softeners sector]
202. Nicola Robinson, HR Manager [Retail sector]
203. Julia Hanley, Head of HR Consultancy [Professional Services sector]
204. mandy Kellaway, HR Manager [manufacturing sector]
205. Fergus Brown, HR Policy and Research Advisor [defence sector]
206. Michelle Edgell, Senior HR Consultant [IT sector]
207. Glen Rodgers-Heap, Group HR Manager [Healthcare sector]
208. lisa Prest, International Deployment Manager [Professional Services sector]
209. sarah Gallagher, HR Manager [Licensed Trade sector]
210. Rus Slater, Consultant [consultancy sector]
211. abbey Wellman, UK Quality Co-ordinator [manufacturing sector]
212. Mathew johnson, HR Officer [all sector]
213. Sara Smith, Personnel Manager [Manufacturing/Engineering sector]
214. Robin drage, Senior HR Manager [Media/Publishing sector]
215. Mike Roberts, occupational health adviser [Public sector]
216. Dick Finch, HR Officer [CHEMICAL sector]
217. Alan Baldwin, Central Services Manager [housing association sector]
218. Jean Dugmore, Personnel Officer [housing association sector]
219. Jennifer Piggott, HR Manager [Services sector]
220. Brian Timbrell, HR Lead Consultant – Reward [Local Government sector]
221. kath Hamblen, Learning & Development Mgr. [Central Government sector]
222. Emma Donaldson-Feilder, Organisational Psychologist [consultancy sector]
223. Jackie Stevenson, Human Resources Manager [manufacturing sector]
224. p Young, Senior Lecturer [education sector]
225. Kim McCutcheon, Human Resources Assistant [Healthcare sector]
226. Debra jenkinson, UK HR Manager [IT sector]
227. Jackie Noorden, Manager [consultancy sector]
228. neil Robson, HR Consultant [Local Government sector]
229. Nigel Walsh, Operations Manager [Training sector]
230. Stephen Mills, Senior Personnel Adviser [Local Authority sector]
231. Zahra Leggatt, Training & Development Manager [Health and Social Care sector]
232. Sue Richards, HR Manager [manufacturing sector]
233. Scott warr, Assistant Director HR [Higher Education sector]
234. Diane Gagnon, Head of HR [housing association sector]
235. paul Mulholland, Head of HR [FMCG sector]
236. Alison peeney, HR Officer [Engineering sector]
237. Georgina Burford, Human Resources Assistant [Not for profit/Drug & Alcohol Charity sector]
238. Carol Hogg, Divisional Personnel Manager [Public Sector – Health sector]
239. Lynn Tulip, HR Consultant [HR Consultancy Services sector]
240. Ian Soulsby, HR Manager [Property Consultancy sector]
241. Jolene Gorrie, Employee Relations Officer [Public sector]
242. Katherine Mills, HR Manager [Hotel sector]
243. Gavin davies, HR Advisor [Medial / Manufacturing sector]
244. Angela grant, HR Manager [manufacturing sector]
245. Alex Miell, HR Business Partner [Banking sector]
246. Tamasine Hickey, Human Resources Manager [Recruitment sector]
247. samantha pennell, HR Manager [Recruitment Sector sector]
248. Stephen Hall, director [Interim HR Directors sector]
250. marie Hargreaves, HR Manager [Arms Length Body of NHS sector]
251. marie McMillan, Senior Administration Officer/Human Resources [Social Inclusion sector]
252. James Kaye, HR Analyst [IT Services sector]
253. Tim wright, Head of Continuing Quality Improvement [education sector]
254. Anna Brown, HR Adviser [Printing sector]
255. Ian Franklin, Head of Practice [Interim Provider/Search & Selection sector]
256. Holly Beard, HR Officer [Market Research sector]
257. Kathryn Ratcliffe, HR Manager [Engineering sector]
258. Nick morgan, Principal [HR Consulting sector]
259. peter Akister, hr project manager [Charity sector]
260. Maureen Goh, Independent Patient Advocate [Mental Health Charity sector]
261. christine osgood, HR Consultant [Public Sector sector]
262. Mike Nash, Learning Partnership Manager [Local Authority sector]
263. Mary Hardy, Senior HR Advisor [National Health Service sector]
264. Lorna farrant, Senior Business Trainer [Container Shipping sector]
265. Karen Thomas, Employment Services Officer [Local Government sector]
266. Jean kersey, Personnel Officer [manufacturing sector]
267. Hannah Binnersley, HR Asst Officer [Local Government sector]
268. Alison marshall, Head of HR [manufacturing sector]
269. Angela McDade, Senior HR Manager [Pharmaceutical service sector]
270. Dawn Moyse, Human Resources Manager [Private service sector sector]
271. Susan wrightson, Human Resources Manager [IT Sector sector]
272. Sue sharman, HR & Training Manager [Leisure sector]
273. Jon chipperton, MD [HR Consultancy sector]
274. Michele Hartgrove, HR Graduate [money transfer sector]
275. Louise GRAY, HR Officer [Lending (Financial) sector]
276. Sharon Rawsterne, H R Manager [Furniture Manufacture sector]
277. claire easy, Employee Realtions/Industrial Relations Consultant [Finance sector]
278. Kwame akuffo, director [Public Sector/General sector]
279. Ian Wilder, HR Strategy Planning [Central Government sector]
280. helen Reeves, Senior Human Resources Advisor [Local Government sector]
281. evelyn Blake, Head of Performance Management [NHS sector]
282. Laura graham, Personel Administrator [Private sector]
283. John Murray, Group Head of Learning & Resourcing [Engineering sector]
284. Louise Whitehead, HR Consultant [Business Services/Recruitment/Consulting sector]
285. paul Treadwell, Manager People & Organisation Development [Transport sector]
286. Jason Fox, Group Human Resources Manager [Retail and Leisure sector]
287. Ann Walklet, Unemployed HR Assistant [Not applicable sector]
288. Vanesa Serafini, HR O [Catering and Hospitality sector]
289. Christian Armstrong, Regional HR Manager [Hotels sector]
290. Roddy Teague, HR Manager [Mining/Logistics sector]
291. peter Vanson, Senior Consultant [Management consultancy sector]
292. Ahmad zafar, Admin Assistant [Govt sector]
293. Deborah CARROLL, Temporary HR Adviser [Semiconductor Recycling sector]
294. Bill Orson, Lead Consultant [learning sector]
295. Mildred Ross, director [HR services sector]
296. Jean bell, Consultant [consultancy sector]
297. Bernadette Pickering, Human Resources Officer [Local Government sector]
298. Karen Goshawk, HR Consultant [manufacturing sector]
299. paul Kearns, director [Management consultancy sector]
300. Julie Jones, H.R. Manager [Not for Profit sector]
301. Maureen Mills, Personnel Manager [education sector]
302. Damon Stubbs, Senior HR Consultant [IT sector]
303. kelly Sheridan, Human Resources Assistant [Local Government sector]
304. sarah Lowe, HR Manager [Property Management, services & facilities sector]
305. sai Tang, analyst [Investment Banking sector]
306. Linda Handsford, Personnel Manager [Manufacture sector]
307. Debbie Taylor, HR Consultant [Consultancy and training sector]
308. Margaret irvine, Production Administration [food sector]
309. Damien Bryans, Group Human Resources Officer [packaging/distribution sector]
310. chloe Percy, HR Consultant [Business Services sector]
311. Gareth EMMONDS, HR Consultant [Service Provider sector]
312. Jacqueline Cummings, Human Resources Manager [Voluntary Sector sector]
313. Andrea Hughes, Human Resources Manager [manufacturing sector]
314. claire Morrison, Human Resources Manager [Financial Services sector]
315. Sue Armstrong, Personnel Manager [Horticulture sector]
316. Elaine Neale, Human Resources Manager [Food Manufacturer sector]
317. Vanessa faulkner, Project Manager (HR Systems) [Local Government sector]
318. Fred Whaley, Consultant [Legal consultancy sector]
319. Mr benbow, District Manager [IT sector]
320. Keith Watson, office administrator [voluntary sector]
321. Kevin Twining, Learning & Development Consultant [Business/HR Consultancy sector]
322. Andrew Taylor, Personnel Officer [Further Education sector]
323. DAVE Richardson, Trainer [Accountancy sector]
324. Mel Moss, H.R. Director [manufacturing sector]
325. John Hutton, Group HR Manager [Oil & Gas energy services sector]
326. Jacqui Cookson, HR Director [Pharmaceuticals sector]
327. Sheelagh Grime, Head of HR Innovations and Marketing [FMCG sector]
328. lesley chinnery, director [consultancy sector]
329. beverley Adams, H R Officer [Communications sector]
330. colin Manson, HR Officer [Public Sector sector]
331. neil Thomas, Management Development Advsior [Local Government sector]
332. Jane Chebila, Senior Training Consultant [consultancy sector]
333. Jan paxton, Snr HR Product Strategy Mgr [Software and HR Services sector]
334. Mike Bartlett, director [HR consultancy / software solutions sector]
335. paul Raggett, director [Consultants in Intangible Assets sector]
336. Amanda towse, HR Consultant [Consulting sector]
337. peter fisher, director [consultancy sector]
338. Jenny samuel, Office Manager [Publishing sector]
339. Gillian Whitehead, Head of Personnel&Training [Public sector]
340. annie Watts, Head of Organisational Development [Heritage Sector sector]
341. Steve Webb, Head of HR Broadband Services [Telecoms sector]
342. Ursula Jones, Senior Personnel Officer [Public sector]
343. John Campbell Ricketts, Proprietor [consultancy sector]
344. George Smith, Regional HR Manager [Transport sector]
345. Terrie Geirsson, Personnel Officer [Health sector]
346. Yvonne abbott, HR Adviser [Charity sector]
347. bryan Evans, Corporate HR Support Manager [Local Gov’t sector]
348. naomi Bannister, Human Resources [Publishing sector]
349. Suzanne Crabtree, UK HR Manager [Retail sector]
350. Jean Pattison, Personnel Manager [agriculture sector]
351. claire Burridge, HR Manager [Social Housing sector]
352. jenni hircock, Snr HR Professional [Communications sector]
353. Kerena Hunter, Head of HR [Public Sector sector]
354. Adrian Prescod, Personnel consultant [education sector]
355. Tom Holden, Group HR Business Intelligence Manager [Retail sector]
356. Sue Higgins, Managing Director [Professional Services sector]
357. Esther Melwyn, Human Resources [Software sector]
358. peter Phillips, Non- Exec Chairman [Recruitment  Communications sector]
359. Warren broadbent, training manager [Automotive manufacturing sector]
360. Douglas Johnston, Personnel Manager [Health sector]
361. David Kingston, director [Executuve Search sector]
362. colin morton, Diocesan Personnel Manager [voluntary sector]
363. Alan Cunningham, HR Manager [Non party political lobbying Organisation sector]
364. Rachael houlston, HR Officer [Healthcare sector]
365. Alice Drake-Wilkes, HR Business Partner [Banking sector]
366. Elaine Huntingdon, Head of HR [Charity sector]
367. lesley Hayhurst, DEPUTY PERSONNEL MANAGER [Public Sector sector]
368. Katy Measures, HR Advisor [telecommunications sector]
369. Anne SHIRLEY, Head of HR and Payroll [Charity Sector sector]
370. Brian Tomlinson, HR Business Partner [Railway sector]
371. ken Palframan, HR Director, Europe & Asia Pacific [Business Services sector]
372. adam Pearson, Senior Consultant [Leadership development consulting sector]
373. Stuart mclean, Group HR Director [Media sector]
374. Seema sanyal, Personnel Manager [education sector]
375. David Lawton, HR Business Partner [Security sector]
376. judy Williams, Head of Organisational Development [Charity sector]
377. Pauline Reid, HR Adviser [Fnancial sector]
378. Ann Meyer, Director, Human Resources [Pharmaceutical sector]
379. John Wallace, Head of Business Focussed HR [Manufacturing/Aerospace sector]
380. Suzanne Wilson, Team Manager [Energy sector]
381. Dawn Dickson, Solicitor [legal sector]
382. Alan Coward, HR & Payroll Administrator [marketing sector]
383. lesley Kaye, director [Consulting sector]
384. Sharon Pinder, Human Resource Consultant [Retail motor trade sector]
385. nicci henderson, Human Resources Administrator [Charity sector]
386. Brian Orourke, HR Manager [NHS sector]
387. Mike Tredrea, Human Resources Manager [manufacturing sector]
388. David Cankett, Head of Learning and Development [Charity sector]
389. sarah Byrne, Resource Manager [IT sector]
390. Shirley Haines, HR Business Partner [Contruction/ Transport/Rail sector]
391. paul brewer, Director of HR [Hotels/Leisure sector]
392. Mhairi watt, Post Graduate Student [Human Resource Management sector]
393. judy MacDonald, Personnel Manager [Public sector]
394. Amy Barnes, Consultant [consultancy and services sector]
395. Stephanie Kelly, Student [University sector]
396. Sam anthony, HR Manager [Public Sector sector]
397. Nicola Wolstencroft, Assistant HR Advisor [consultancy sector]
398. letitia Attafuah, HR Officer [Charity Sector sector]
399. Isobel Moore, HR Officer [manufacturing sector]
400. Allison Lee-Haxton, Human Resources Manager [manufacturing sector]
401. Rory Gear, Senior Consultant [Learning/ Development/Measurement sector]
402. Barbara Hehir, Human Resources and Training Projects Officer [Healthcare sector]
403. hilda picking, Administration and Personnel Manager [Not for Profit Registered Social Landlord sector]
404. Kim Hayton, director [HR and Training sector]
405. Liz Brindley, HR Assistant [Freight Forwarders sector]
406. Carey Jones, Leadership Development Manager [Aviation sector]
407. Nick Bestwick, Senior HR Business Partner [PR/Media/Communications sector]
408. pam Neill, Life Coach [Self employed sector]
409. Lorna Prince, HR Adviser [education sector]
410. Kevin Nolan, HR Consultant [Financial/Charity sector]
411. Michelle Everitt, HR Advisor (Midlands) [Electrical Engineering sector]
412. Dominika Semik, HR SSC Admin Team Member [Hospitality sector]
413. Alan Price, Employment Law Consultant [HR / EMPLOYMENT LAW CONSULTANCY sector]
414. Rachel Luttman, HR Advisor – Projects [Airline sector]
415. SEBASTIAN Wheeler, director [Retail sector]

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