Orchestrating work harmony

Organisations that feel their teams or managers are out of tune with each
other will get the opportunity to harmonise efforts when the OSJSoundynamics
project launches its arts-based training courses in London this month.

OSJ, formerly known as the Orchestra of St John’s, is hoping to strike a
chord with large companies and initiate a skills transfer process.

Project director Matthew Swann points out that corporates could learn a lot
from the team dynamics of an orchestra and in areas such as skills transfer in
non-verbal communication and when to take a back seat in proceedings.

"Also, musicians are used to the pressure of preparing for a recital
and performing to the highest standard," he pointed out.

Employers who want to conduct their team in harmony with each other are
invited to turn up at the open event to be held on 8 July at Stirling Square,
near Pall Mall, London to hear what the project can teach their business.
E-mail matthew @osj.org.uk for more details.

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