Outsourcing provider Capita and super-union Unite sign agreement to secure good employee relations in financial services sector

Outsourcing provider Capita and super-union Unite have signed a landmark agreement aimed at securing good employee relations in the financial services sector.

The deal is the result of the close partnership Capita and Unite have developed over the past year and commits them to developing a “progressive and constructive” approach to employee relations. It also aims to avoid unnecessary conflict when the two sides have opposing views.

Capita managers and Unite officials will participate in a joint training programme to gain greater understanding and to cement relationships at all levels across both organisations.

Paddy Doyle, joint chief operating officer at Capita, said: “We recognise the value of working in a constructive and collaborative manner with modern trade unions that work to accurately reflect the views of their members within a company. We feel this is an appropriate time to consolidate the strong relationship we already have.”

David Fleming, national officer at Unite, said: “Financial services is a competitive, challenging and fast-moving sector. Staff working for Capita now have a modern and progressive union to represent them at work.”

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