Outsourcing providers offer human resources graduates better start on career path

Human resources graduates will increasingly be looking to start their careers at outsourcing providers rather than in-house departments, a leading figure has claimed.

Wayne Story, managing director of outsourcing company Capita HR Solutions, believes external providers will be better placed to secure the best people.

Market analyst Amit Badami told Personnel Today last month that 2008 could see a huge explosion in HR outsourcing with all FTSE 100 companies considering the move.

Story said as more big employers outsource their transactional HR work, fewer opportunities will exist for graduates to start their careers at companies.

“In most organisations there are no longer huge HR departments,” he said. “So people come [to outsourcing companies] to do HR.

“This means we can get better HR people.

“At our new operation in Belfast, the quality of the staff has been incredible. I think HR people will come to see Capita as the place to start their HR careers. We are not a strategy house but to get a grounding of how HR operates we provide a good footing.

“Increasingly there will be nowhere else to go for people starting out in HR. We would offer a large variety of people issues and a great career path.”

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