Overseas jobs come second to family life

A rise in the number of dual career couples and staff demands for work-life balance are creating fresh challenges for HR practitioners in companies that send staff overseas.

A report by consultants PricewaterhouseCoopers warns that employees are resisting traditional postings abroad fearing their family lives will suffer. Worries include the implications for a partner’s career or children’s education.

Managing a Virtual World, says organisations are responding to employee reluctance to uproot by offering alternatives to long-term postings abroad.

These non-standard assignments reflect the need for global organisations to match talent to job requirements by moving individuals around a business. They include assignments that allow staff to live in their home country and commute abroad on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

The report said, “Non-standard assignments have been used in certain industries for a long time. However, the growth in numbers and their application to a wider range of roles represents a strong departure from past practice.”

The research found 51 per cent of the 82 organisations surveyed expect an increase in use of commuter assignments over the next two years compared to 40 per cent reporting an increase over the past two years.

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