Paedophile checks likely on people who don’t work with children

Even workers with little professional contact with children may have to register with the government’s anti-paedophile database, says the Independent Safeguarding Authority chairman.

According to Sir Roger Singleton, employers may register staff rather than lose work to competitors, even when there is minimal contact with children.

He suggested that the scope of the database could increase significantly as companies sought to advertise the fact that their staff had been vetted.

Singleton said: “There may be some categories who don’t have to register but who might decide there is a commercial advantage in registering.”

The self-employed, including the likes of private music teachers or carers, are also be likely to be affected.

Chris Huhne, Liberal Democrats home affairs spokesman, warned of the knock-on effects of the scheme, and its impact on self-employed people.

He said: “This amounts to another hoop for them to jump through in an extremely tough economic environment.”

Singleton also disclosed that information on the database would be kept indefinitely, even after those concerned left the relevant professions, the Telegraph reported.

The Independent Safeguarding Authority was set up to prevent unsuitable people from working with children and vulnerable adults.

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