Part-qualified members pay subs penalty

A tranche of part-qualified IPD members will see their subscriptions rise by
25 per cent from July after failing to become fully qualified within the
institute’s proscribed time limit.

Under rules introduced at the IPD’s formation in 1994, affiliates, associates
and licentiates taking IPD qualifications only have to pay 75 per cent of the
subscription rate until they finish training. But the subsidy is provided for
only five years, and the first discount period expires this summer.

A copy of the letter sent by the IPD to those affected, obtained by
Personnel Today, says the subsidy will end in 1 July 2000 with the expiry of
the first five-year period. "This period is considered to offer members
working towards meeting our standards a reasonable time within which to become

The loss of the subsidy has caused disquiet among part-qualified members.
Some said they were unaware they were on any kind of subsidy. And one training
professional pointed out the loss of subsidy had come as the IPD embarked on a
costly rebranding exercise as part of achieving chartered status

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