Performance and staff shortages keep managers awake at night

Staff performance and shortages are major threats to UK business, causing many senior managers to have sleepless nights, research reveals.

A survey of 200 senior executives, by consulting firm Capgemini, shows that 69% of UK managers consider staff performance and shortages  to be major threats to their business, with almost 43% being kept awake at night as a result.

The Red Eye Report also shows that 63% of respondents are also losing sleep worrying about their own futures. In fact , more than a third (35%) admit that the stress is such that given the option to start again they would choose a different career altogether.

In addition to being questioned about what keeps them awake at night, respondents were also asked about broader issues affecting HR managers.

Respondents are sceptical about government plans to pass legislation on family-friendly working. Only 19% believe the introduction would be a good thing while almost a third (32%) of business leaders believe it would be a bad thing.

They are more in favour of mobile and home-working with 55% believing them to be good for businesses.

Managers are also happy about increased globalisation and the possibilities afforded by the burgeoning global markets. The majority are positive about the emerging economy in China and India, with 53% and 47% respectively believing it is good for their business in the UK.

Ian Jordan, head of consulting services at Capgemini, said: “It’s harder than ever to manage and motivate your workforce. In recent years employers faced with the vagaries of the economic downturn, were caught in a cycle of cost cutting and saving.

“This had an impact on people’s stress, sense of job security and their perception of satisfaction with employers.

“In an upturn, the challenge becomes: how to turn that perception quickly, as employees are responding to these issues of the past by becoming much more proactive in managing their own careers,” he added.

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