Personnel Today’s report reveals key HR skills for 2005

HR managers need to heighten their emotional intelligence and increase their business know-how to get ahead with their careers in 2005, according to a report.

Personnel Today’s Special Report: Careers, bound in this issue, shows that these two areas are set to become the hottest skills in HR, along with leadership, change management, organisational dev-elopment, resourcing and talent management.

Recruitment experts have said that although the economy is far from booming, demand is still  outstripping supply in the jobs market.

“Good quality HR people are hard to get and increasingly harder to keep,” said Susanna Mitterer, managing director of  consultancy TMI UK.

“Increasingly, companies are recruiting or promoting people more on their ability to motivate, inspire and lead people,” she added.

The report also highlighted a growing need for HR to work more closely with other areas of the business.

“The more innovative HR leaders are striving to join up HR practices, led by an unashamed focus on meeting business objectives and proving the bottom line contribution of HR,” said Helen Rosethorn, chief executive at recruitment agency Hodes.

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