Phone rage as we’re kept holding on

• British consumers are having trouble getting to grips with one unfortunate by-product of the information age – the telephone switchboard. Guru sympathises with an irate 53 per cent of consumers questioned in an NOP survey for training company Chameleon who claimed their blood pressure rose the moment they heard the words, “You are being held in a queue”.

The second most annoying thing the customers were irritated by is being offered an am or pm delivery time which is then ignored.

And companies take heed – research due out next week, which is billed as the first ever study of the UK’s attitude to complaints, reveals customers are no longer prepared to take this nonsense. Fifty-five per cent of people questioned in the National Complaints Culture Service poll expect their complaint to be dealt with on the same day.

The 35 per cent of those people who don’t complain do not report their anguish as they believe they will be sent on a wild goose chase, so obviously have no faith that the company will do anything about their complaint. Please e-mail any complaint about Guru to

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