Plan your meetings to alleviate boredom

How many times have you sat in a meeting, battling to keep your eyes open,
or screaming inside because you have work piling up?

You are not alone. A survey by Alive Communications reveals that one in 10
staff have fallen asleep during a meeting, a similar proportion have had to
leave the room after having a fit of the giggles and 16 per cent have tried to
slip in an unusual phrase or word to enliven proceedings.

Almost 20 per cent of respondents admit to trying to make a point, only to
realise half way through they have no idea what they are talking about, while
13 per cent of employees play buzzword bingo to pass the time.

Making an inappropriate noise is another common problem, with 12 per cent of
respondents confessing to interrupting a meeting in this way.

In all, 44 per cent of staff report that more than half of their meetings
are a waste of time. However, despite the drawbacks, 87 per cent of staff
believe that regular monthly meetings help their everyday work.

Guide to good meetings

– Set clear objectives with a brief

– Guarantee the meeting will not take longer than an agreed
amount of time

– Organise a fun and engaging activity

– Arrange the meeting in an exciting location

– Provide a financial incentive

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