Plateau Systems delivers mobile talent management with Plateau Anywhere

Plateau Systems has introduced Plateau Anywhere, a set of capabilities for the mobile workforce that deliver talent management systems to employees and managers on their smartphone or disconnected laptop.


New mobile features in Plateau Anywhere make learning resources, task lists and performance objectives available to users through a mobile browser across multiple platforms, including Apple iOS, BlackBerry and Android devices.  

According to independent research firm Forrester Research, Inc., more than 34 million US mobile subscribers accessed the mobile Internet on their phones at least once a month by the end of 2008, and the firm predicts double-digit growth in mobile Net users through 2014, when 106 million users, or a full 39 percent of all wireless subscribers, will become regular mobile internet users1. And research firm Nielsen expects smartphones to account for more than half of the US mobile phone market by 20112


Plateau has long recognized and addressed the need for mobility and flexibility in delivering talent management capabilities, and Plateau Anywhere continues to build on these existing capabilities. Consisting of Offline Player, Talent Gateway and the new Plateau Mobile, Plateau Anywhere provides users with the ability to access information and complete talent management tasks wherever and whenever they please.


Using Plateau Anywhere, an employee will be able to access their to-do list, search their learning catalog and view mobile-ready learning content from virtually anywhere using a mobile browser. Managers will have the ability to manage approvals and track employees’ performance objectives on-the-go. Additionally, Plateau Foundation, the company’s platform-as-a-service offering, allows customers to implement extensions to the Plateau Talent Management Suite for today’s mobile professional.


“Organizations need talent management solutions that can keep up with the talent. For an increasing number of workers, that means providing anywhere, anytime access to key productivity and knowledge applications on mobile or disconnected devices,” said Paul Sparta, Chairman and CEO of Plateau Systems, Ltd.


“We designed Plateau Anywhere to make it ridiculously easy for on-the-go employees to connect with colleagues and access learning no matter where the job takes them. As a result, Plateau Anywhere has the potential to significantly boost learning adoption, increase training compliance, and support the enterprise goal of putting the right information in the right hands at the right time.”


Plateau Anywhere will be available in the December release as standard functionality within the Plateau Talent Management Suite. For more information, please visit

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