Police part timers win pensions boost

Part-time police officers are to receive fairer pensions under changes to police pension regulations, Home Office Minister Hazel Blears announced today.

The main changes, which take effect immediately, mean that:

Part-time officers will qualify for pension benefits after an equal number of calendar years of pensionable service to their full-time colleagues

The amount of pension payable to an officer with part-time service will be a pro-rated proportion of the pension they would have received after full-time service

The effect of these changes will be backdated to 1 July 1992, when the option of part-time service was introduced, and pensioners will have their pensions adjusted where necessary

The amended regulations will apply without reservation to all officers who enter part-time service for the first time from 22 June 2005

Existing pensioners, and officers with pensionable part-time service prior to 22 June 2005, who may be adversely affected by the amended regulations will not be subject to the changes.

Blears said the amendments recognised the equally important contribution that part-time officers make to the police service.

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