Policy and practice in health and safety

The first issue of Policy and Practice in Health and Safety (PPHS), IOSH’s
new biannual international journal, is now available.

Edited by Professor David Walters, internationally recognised for his work
on British and European strategies on regulating health and safety management
and on the labour relations of health and safety, PPHS seeks to shape the
future development of the discipline of occupational safety and health and to
enhance recognition of its role in wider scientific, academic, legal and
policymaking circles.

With an editorial board reflecting worldwide academic and scientific
authorities in health and safety and the working environment, issue one
includes papers on:

– Proposed UK legislation on corporate killing – will it deliver equity,
accountability and prevention?

– Occupational violence – a growing phenomenon but one that is still outside
mainstream health and safety discourse

– The unpredictable progress of health and safety management in
pre-accession Lithuania and other former communist countries

– The division of physical work between men and women in desegregated
healthcare en-vironments in Québec, Canada

– How health and safety offences, as ‘decriminalised constructions’, are
dealt with in Australian Magistrates’ courts.

As well as a printed copy of each issue, subscribers will also benefit from
the new journal’s online publication. The online resource offers:

– Browsing of full text in pdf, RealPage and SVG formats

– Direct linking from paper references to online references of cited

– Simple archive searching.

If you already subscribe to PPHS, visit the IOSH website at www.iosh.co.uk/policyandpractice,
click ‘access’ and follow the instructions to activate your subscription.

If you are not already a subscriber to PPHS and would like to subscribe,
please e-mail [email protected],
telephone 0116 257 3100, or fax 0116 257 3101.

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