Potential graduate recruits display apathy and arrogance

More than 90 per cent of graduates who approached employers at recent fairs were arrogant and showed a lack of concentration or interest, claims new research.

According to the survey by GraduateBase.com, over half of graduates seemed completely apathetic to what was available to them, over 25 per cent seemed to have a short attention span – in some cases less than 20 seconds. Almost two-thirds seemed to lack communication and interpersonal skills, and only 5 per cent were wearing suits.

Managing director of GraduateBase.com Phil Jennings warned: “Candidates who take the word ‘fair’ literally and don’t treat the events seriously are shutting themselves off from career opportunities for which they could otherwise be suitable.”

Graduatebase.com has compiled a top tips list of advice for graduates to make sure they get the best from their meetings.


By Helen Gilbert

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