Private health insurance heads finance workers’ wish list

Private health insurance is the most desired benefit among employees in the financial and
professional services sector.

A study by recruiters Joslin Rowe finds that more than six
out of 10 employees in
the sector would choose healthcare above any other benefit.

Just over half of respondents highlight flexible benefits as
important, 49 per cent cite contributory pensions and 43 per cent would opt for subsidised

The report shows that some employers are out of step with
their staff in terms of the benefits they offer.

Only 17 per cent of employers offer flexible benefits and
just 13 per cent provide subsidised mortgages.

More than  half of employees
enjoy a dress-down day, but only 16 per cent think this is a valuable benefit.

Stress counselling is offered to 20 per cent of the 400
professionals surveyed but only 3 per cent believe it is important.

Tara Ricks, managing director of Joslin Rowe, said,
"The survey reveals that understanding the market is important and
communication is the key. Employee benefits are an excellent tool for retaining
staff but it is clear that companies aren’t offering staff what they want."

By Paul Nelson

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