Profiles launches career-match service

Profiles International, the world’s leading online assessment provider, is introducing a new product to support HR departments and career counselling companies re-direct people towards a new career.

Profiles’ Transition Coach uses proven psychometric methodology but, instead of comparing the results from individual respondents with a single role, it compares the respondents’ soft skills with the top careers on the most comprehensive careers database in the world, O*Net.

With daily announcements of redundancies and cutbacks, the launch is a timely one and – to help managers and executives who have not been given outplacement support by their former employers – Transition Coach will also be marketed direct to individuals via the Profiles International website, as well as to organisations, industry bodies and unions which might find it a useful resource.  

People considering retraining for a new career tend to look at their hard skills and choose accordingly.  But as a result, they frequently spend time and money training for something they eventually find they don’t suit or enjoy. 

Transition Coach counters this by ‘career matching’ people to ensure that they have the requisite soft skills for the new career they are choosing.

Respondents complete Transition Coach online and, at the end of the process, they receive a comprehensive 16-page report that identifies:

Best career matches. This is split into 2 sections – advanced training required and basic training required. All of the careers listed are given a percentage match and are printed in reverse order, giving the best career matches first.

How to use O*net. The database contains huge volumes of information about each possible career choice and can be accessed by respondents for more information.

Individual results based on Profiles’ measurements from the respondents answers in the areas of Thinking Style, Behavioural Traits and Motivational Interests.

A comprehensive list of information, guidance and advice sources for people seeking new careers both in the UK and Abroad.

Profiles International managing director in the UK, Martin Goodwill, explained that the new service could not be more relevant to today’s business climate:

“As the recession deepens, more people are finding themselves seeking a different career, either by choice or necessity, and entire industries are having to rethink the way they will shape their workforce to emerge intact from the recession.

“Employers and employees today need more than the traditional outplacement support offering, they need something which analyses the fundamentals of what makes an individual right for a particular career.  Transition Coach does just that – which is why we are making it available to individuals, organisations, industry bodies and unions as well as outplacement and career counselling consultancies.”

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