Promoting people power

What does your role involve?
We are about to undergo something of a revolution in terms of learning and development. It’s my role to drive this and make sure it fits with our values and engages all staff.

What are the best things about the job?
It’s a new role within a unique and fast-growing company that is truly committed to investing in its people. Such a commitment to developing talent to realise corporate goals is really inspiring.

What is your current major training project or strategic push?
I am reviewing our talent management practice with the aim of establishing integrated talent pools, graduate programmes and succession plans that are robust enough to ensure the right talents are in the business and flexible enough to evolve with the business.

What impact would you like to have on your organisation?
For Eaga to become an organisation where learning happens at every opportunity.

How do you demonstrate return on investment from training interventions?
We use Kirkpatrick’s model. We believe that return on investment must be measured from a financial and human perspective. We use a range of measurements but make sure we question whether there is real value in this exercise.

What do you think will be the core skills for your job in the future?
Leadership. It will be about influencing, inspiring and supporting the business to invest in their people.

Can you remember the best training session you attended?
It was a series of experiential learning events where the providers really understood their customer, and were able to ensure the learning event supported the organisational culture, vision and strategic goals.

How do you think your job will have changed in five years’ time?
Hopefully, the role will be easier as all managers and employees will have experienced the value of learning and will be fully committed to continuous learning.

How do you get the best from people?
Understanding the individual always helps. Adapting my leadership style to fit the individual’s and situational needs helps me to ensure the best outcome for all is achieved. Giving and seeking honest feedback also adds to the professional relationship.

What is the essential tool in your job?
Communication. The ability to listen and understand my customers and to influence them to achieve success.

And the most overrated?
The tendency to rely solely on e-mail communication when face-to-face contact can be much more effective.

How do you network?
I mainly use contacts I have made through previous learning and working environments. I find online professional forum groups a great way to network and learn in a much wider field.


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