Promotion ‘almost as stressful as divorce’ says HR survey

The challenge of a major promotion is almost as stressful as a divorce, according to research.

Almost 60% of the 600 managers surveyed by global HR consultancy DDI rated promotions as second only to coping with divorce, with both rated as very or extremely challenging.

Prioritising key issues, time management, office politics and personal transformation were cited as the most stressful aspects of a promotion.

One in three business leaders also said their company provided little or very poor support on how to deal with a promotion.

Steve Newhall, managing director of DDI said: “It’s a familiar story. You work really hard to get that promotion and you’re excited about your new role.

“Then suddenly reality hits home: you are on your own, unsure of what is really expected of you, missing aspects of your previous role that you had finally mastered, without your trusted network of colleagues and politics rife among your new peer group, whom you struggle to engage with.

Yet, despite the familiarity of this story the scale of personal change required is rarely acknowledged, let alone adequately supported, leading to ‘transition anxiety’.”

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