Pub chain rolls out personal induction pack

Pub chain Scottish & Newcastle has launched a new induction programme
that focuses on the person joining the firm, rather than bombarding new
recruits with company information.

Scottish and Newcastle Retail (S&NR) is rolling out the new ‘Inspiring
You’ staff welcome pack across its entire 1,450 pub estate in an effort to give
new staff more support and guidance.

The scheme offers the individual a personalised induction framework that is
designed to show the traits and values staff will need to work at the firm and
inspire them to perform.

The emphasis is on making people feel part of the team, and the pack
includes information scratch cards, a training passport, a pocket-sized drinks
quality guide and a welcome card, signed by all the members of the team they
will be working with.

HR director at S&NR, Kim Parish, believes the initiative will help new
employees deliver better customer service by integrating them more quickly into
the company culture.

"The induction process is often let down by not addressing the most
important issue, which is the individual," she said.

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