Public Sector People Managers’ Association president Phil Badley resigns

Phil Badley has resigned as president of the Public Sector People Managers’ Association (PPMA).

Badley said he wanted to concentrate on his increasingly onerous day job as service director for organisation development at Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council.

He has been temporarily replaced at the PPMA by vice-president Stephen Moir, who will serve until the organisation’s annual general meeting in April.

Badley said: “I am proud to have held the office of president. My latest report to the board demonstrated the work that I have undertaken on behalf of the association. I sincerely believe that this has gone some way to helping to secure a better future for the association.”

Moir added: “Phil Badley has been a committed and strong voice for high-quality people management in the public sector. As an association, we recognise the tensions that are faced by our national officers in balancing the demands of their busy roles and the needs of the association.”

The PPMA represents the interests of more than 800 public sector people management professionals.

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