Public sector still growing

Employment in the public sector rose by 72,000 from January to September 2005, compared with an increase of 115,000 the previous year. The largest increases were in health and social work (45,000) and the education sector (25,000).

There was also a rise in the number of people joining the police service (10,000) and public administration (3,000).

The Armed Forces, however, showed a decrease of 8,000, and construction showed a 7,000 drop. The number of employees in the Civil Service also decreased by 3,000 to stand at 567,000.

From 1991 to 1998, public sector employment fell every year, with an overall reduction of 816,000 over that period.

Since 1998, public sector employment has risen every year to stand at 5,826,000 in September 2005. This was 663,000 higher than in June 1998, but still below the levels of 1991 and 1992.

Employment in the private sector also rose by 249,000 from January 2005 to September 2005.


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