Public sector travel chaos is major cause for concern

Public sector travel chaos is major cause for concern

There must be a way we can stop this government and all its agencies from wasting our hard-earned money (‘Whitehall wastes millions on travel’, Personnel Today, 9 October).

It is just soul destroying when you see what’s taken from you within your payslip each month, only to hear that it’s either being squandered or wasted by these incompetent people who clearly don’t give a damn. They wouldn’t last five minutes working for a private company.

Karen O’Sullivan, posted on

Public sector needs to try private approach to travel

I’m appalled by the profligate spending outlined in your front-page news story (Personnel Today, 9 October).

Long ago, most private organisations up and down the country put restrictions on travelling first class either by rail or air.

I work for a large organisation, which, five years ago, insisted all its employees travelled by the cheapest airline and in economy seats regardless of their position in the organisation – including the senior management team and the managing director.

To read that public sector workers are spending millions on first-class travel is shocking and demonstrates a major lack of control and accountability when it comes to spending taxpayers’ money wisely.

Lynne Lovery, posted on

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