Quantify launches an employee satisfaction survey research kit

HR research consultants Quantify have launched an Employee Satisfaction Survey Research Kit, containing everything needed to develop, administer and report an employee survey in-house.

“Many people have praised our website and our free guide, ‘Your Employee Satisfaction Survey’ but these are more about what needs to be done than showing you exactly how to do it,” explained David Lusty, Quantify’s Principal Consultant.

“We recognise that many people will prefer to run a survey for themselves, rather than involve consultants. So we’ve designed our new Employee Satisfaction Survey Research Kit (ESSRK) just for them.”

The ESSRK manual answers all the ‘how do I do that?’ questions which the ‘Your Employee Satisfaction Survey’ free guide leaves unanswered. The Research Kit manual comprises 80 pages and includes step-by-step instruction on:

  • Running a focus group to inform the development of the questionnaire
  • Writing the questionnaire
  • Analysing the results
  • Assessing the significance of any differences you find
  • Making normative (benchmarking) comparisons
  • Full instructions on using all the bundled tools.

In addition, the ESSRK contains:

  • An ‘Employee Satisfaction Survey Items (Questions) Bank’ including 1,700 separate questions, from which users can choose a subject area and see a number of model items (questions) that they can use to measure how people feel about it
  • A template to use, in MS Word, to design a compact and professional questionnaire
  • A sample, ready-made Employee Satisfaction Survey questionnaire for use or adaptation
  • An Excel template comprising an easy-to-use survey data capture and analysis tool
  • A collection of simple statistical tools to help users answer the questions: How big a sample do we need? What is a standard error – and why does it matter? Is the difference between two subset results statistically significant?
  • A normative table providing data on 51 core Employee Satisfaction Survey items. 

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