RicherMe helps staff take control of finances to improve work performance

Workshops designed to help people improve their handling of money, provide greater control over their lives and improve their professional performance are now available from Thuthuka, the financial education resource specialist.

Poor financial management amongst employees can lead to a host of negative responses, including stress, lack of motivation and absenteeism, all of which impact on the employer. The RicherMe Workshops help participants to identify the influences in their lives that affect their financial decision making and provide practical solutions to help them achieve their financial goals.

All Thuthuka resources are branded ‘RicherMe’ and range from a comprehensive personal finance software suite through to online training and support material. Marketing and Sales Director, Gunda Wise, said: “Our aim is to empower people to attain their goals through better control of their finances, and this can either be done directly with individuals or through the organisations they work for. From our research we know that private problems are invariably carried into the workplace, where they are often misunderstood or ignored. We are appealing to employers who recognise that their staff would benefit from good advice, and who want to supplement their own personnel support mechanisms.”

The RicherMe Workshops are bespoke-designed to meet the needs of different organisations. With three different modules available, the Workshops can take place during flexible sessions from Monday to Saturday. They are as follows:

Workshop 1 – The main focus of this Workshop is that it teaches attendees the principles of managing money. It looks at money myths, what they are and how they affect financial decision-making, and the principles of success: setting goals, planning, risk-taking, decision-making, self-discipline and self-empowerment.

Workshop 2 – This is an introduction to the RicherMe Tracking Tool, which shows attendees how to set up a simple and functional bookkeeping process, customise it to suit the individual, understand basic transactions, and use the optional functions and reporting tools.

Workshop 3 – This session focuses on budgeting, what it is and why it is useful; aligning priorities with financial decision making; and comparing the actual with the budget. As part of this session the attendees are also trained to use the RicherMe Budgeting Tool.

The RicherMe Workshops can take place on site or at outside venues throughout the UK and are hosted by experienced, professional facilitators, who will display empathy and encouragement to the attendees. Prices start from £75 per person, and although RicherMe software is not required for Workshop 1, it is available at a special price of £29.95 to support the other two Workshops.

“These Workshops really do help people to assess and improve their life skills, and for an employer to facilitate this encourages loyalty, enthusiasm and appreciation. It is a worthwhile and practical investment that will reap rewards for employer and employee alike, said Gunda Wise.

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