Rapid Result Referrals and the Ultimate Guide to Successful Networking


Rapid Result Referrals: Powerful tips and ideas to boost your sales

Roy Sheppard
Publisher: Centre Publishing
ISBN: 1901534049
Price: £9.99 from Royspeaks.com, with discounts for bulk orders

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The Ultimate Guide To Successful Networking

Carole Stone
Publisher: Vermillion
Price: £4.99.

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Most companies win a high proportion of their new business through recommendation and referral. Yet very few have a formal system in place to generate such leads. This could be because “networking” became a dirty word in the 1980s, associated with self-serving social climbers.

Roy Sheppard and Carole Stone turn this definition on its head by suggesting that good networkers seek to help others, thereby earning themselves a good reputation. If positive things happen as a result, whether personal or professional, they should be treated as a bonus. Equally, there are sure-fire ways to make such things happen more often.

As the title suggests, Sheppard’s book is geared more towards sales people. It explains in detail how to put structures in place that will generate more recommendations and referrals for your company. It advises on how to boost your reputation via trade shows, conferences, speaking events and the press.

Stone’s book focuses more on soft skills and is particularly suited to those who are unsure of themselves in social situations. It explains how to “work the room” to seize networking opportunities, and how to nurture business relationships in the same way as friendships.

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