Rapid rise from ashes for university HR department

University’s HR team managed to restore full operations just two days after a
fire almost completely destroyed the department.

department was situated two floors below where Monday night’s fire started. It was
flooded by fire-fighters and a burst water pipe.

nine-strong team is now working out of one of the student’s computer units.

fire devastated much of the building’s fifth floor, including the journalism
department and caused between £2 million and £6 million worth of damage.

HR team had saved all records on the main computer server, and were able to
call them up the next day.

are now almost fully operational, I have been issuing contracts today [Friday],
which is a great achievement. I thought that it would take us two to three
weeks, not two to three days, said Daphne Bates, City University’s HR manager.


By Paul Nelson

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