Readers puzzled by our new-look mag

You might have noticed that Personnel Today has been redesigned in a new vertically-challenged format. This included a Guru puzzle page nestled at the end of the features section, but not everyone was impressed:

My dear old thing,

I shall indeed be entering one of your marvellous competitions on pages 69 and 70. However, I shall be unable to enter all three, as cutting out the So’GuRu on page 69 will ‘knacker’ (correct technical terminology I understand) the crossword.

Yours, Ever So Upset of York

Guru would like to offer Mr Ever So Upset of York the services of a new invention. It is called a photocopier, and through the miracle of technology, it can reproduce copies of all your favourite pages of Personnel Today.

On a separate matter, but still relating to the new Personnel Today, is the handful of people (which out of the 2,000 who replied isn’t bad), who seemed to question the ‘correctness’ of carrying out research into ‘fattism’ in the workplace.

Guru has one question and then one statement in reply. The question: would you rather difficult issues were swept under the carpet, or were out in the open to be challenged? The statement: no-one made you fill in the survey.

Now Guru knows what presenters on Points of View must feel like.

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